Stand 14 & 15


Franzis Engels
Nieuwevaart 200
Tel. +31 (0)6 31 00 03 23
Thur, Fri, Sa: 13 PM - 18 PM
Also by appointment.
[email protected]

Selection artists

Marian Bijlenga
Ana Oosting
Henny Overbeek
Anouk Griffioen

Marian Bijlenga, Scattered Nature IXX, 2023, paper yarn, 64x62 cm.

Marian Bijlenga, Scattered nature XX, 2023, paper yarn, 50x50 cm.

Anouk Griffioen, Pa Kachele II, charcoal on paper, 152x227 cm.

Henny Overbeek, Thank you for talking to me, Africa (take 7), 2022, ballpoint, paint stamp on museum cardboard, 100x70 cm.

Henny Overbeek, The sky takes notes when we spreak (take 24), 2023, ballpoint on paper, 100x70 cm.

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